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Searching for a Houston Moving Company

Are you in search of a Houston moving company? Here are a few pointers that may help your cause.

First of all, allow yourself enough time. The expense and anxiety of contracting with a Houston moving company is enough to upset the heartiest of folk. Allow two months prior to the move to begin preparation.

Make a list of items to be offered up to the Houston moving company and a pile of “leave behind” belongings. Throwing them out, selling or giving them to charity is the recommendation for the property staying behind. Discarding unwanted items will ensure a more precise quote from a Houston moving company.

Determine the type of move from the three basic choices: do-it-yourself, the portable on demand storage method or hiring a Houston moving company. The last two will require a Houston moving company, which can be responsible for the entire move, including packing and unpacking.

To find the best Houston moving company, visit the US Department of Transportation’s website. Houston moving companies, as well as all moving companies must be registered with the DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ( Research your Houston moving company at this site, as well as through the Better Business Bureau to determine the organization’s consumer practices and federal compliance.

Begin a list of potential Houston moving companies and ask those select few carriers for references and insurance coverage. Discuss with them such topics as their procedures, safeguards and age of trucks. Ask for a quote and do not be afraid to negotiate!

Supplies … namely boxes … are the next step, provided you choose to pack everything yourself. Order them as you go. Check the moving company’s procedure in returning unused boxes and packing material.

Before packing, take an inventory of all the belongings that you entrust with the Houston moving company. Using a camcorder or other video device will allow you to clearly identify the shape and age of each item. Also, camcorders have date stamps, which will support any insurance claims.
Keep important papers, medicines and other essentials in a box that is easily reachable and will be unpacked first.

Doing your homework may be the key in making your experience with a Houston moving company as smooth as possible.


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