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The top three things professional movers should have

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When it comes to planning a successful move Houston residents should never feel like they settled on a moving company. No one wants to arrive at their new home after a moving, only to realize that several of their most prized possessions were lost or damaged. There are several things that people can look for in Houston moving companies that can help them to make sure that they are never caught in a bad situation afterwards.

While sifting through the available Houston movers, local residents should make sure that they stick to a local company. If one has to meet with their movers several times before the actual moving day, they may want to save themselves as much time and money as possible. Some companies that advertise in the Houston area may actually be located quite a ways outside of town. Keeping it local could be a terrific way to make things easier.

The next thing that people should look for in their ideal Houston moving company is whether or not they will be able to provide customers with enough packing supplies. Having to go to a second business for boxes, bubble wrap and packaging tape could be quite a hassle. It helps to be able to do business with one company. Moving companies that can provide their clients with extra supplies for an affordable price should be at the top of every families list.

A third thing that moving companies should be able to give to their customers in Houston is high quality customer service. No one should have to feel bullied or pressured into a package deal that they cannot afford. By finding a helpful and respectful group of movers in Houston, families and couples can have every last question answered before they agree to anything. Keeping hints like these in mind could be the best way to make sure that no one winds up with a more stressful move than is necessary.

Tips for a Stressless Move

Paying for movers can be helpful during any move, whether it is across town or across the country. Depending on the company, the movers will help load and unload the pods and will be better able to move large, bulky furniture such as couches, beds or dressers. Hiring long distance movers will allow for easier transport of vehicles as well with company employees driving the trucks and owners driving the cars.

A few tips should be followed when hiring movers. First, choose the company that best fits the needs of the move. If everything can fit into a small trailer, don’t hire a large truck. Also, make sure to look up prices and reviews before hiring movers to ensure hiring the best company.

Before moving, make a list of everything that is being moved and weed out anything that does not have to go. Old clothes, furniture, toys and decorations that are either broken or plainly not used should be sold, given away or trashed. This will allow as much room as possible on the truck and prevent clutter.

Once it is decided what is going, take inventory of what is there and what condition it is in. Then place everything in boxes labeled with which room they belong in to keep it all organized. Decide which rooms will need to be unpacked first so the movers can be instructed to load those boxes last. This will keep everything organized and reduce stress.

To ensure the movers don’t have to lift or stack anything too heavy, pack moderately sized boxes with varying light and heavy objects, with heavy objects on bottom. For example, books can be packed with movies or magazines with the books packed on the bottom.

Always converse with the movers to make sure things are running smoothly and that nothing is too difficult to be moved. Also remember that the movers hold the right to refuse to move something if it they consider it to heavy or dangerous to move.


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