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Landscaping Improve Your Home’s Value, Make Neighbors Jealous, and Enjoy Your Property


Owning a home requires so much work. You have to keep track of everything: maintenance, bills, cleaning, and more. You also have to take care of your outside property.

Because you have so much to look after, making improvements can often seem like too much work. Depending on your current situation it could be difficult, but if you can spare a few bucks, it will be well worth it for you in the long run.

Landscaping services can help your property in so many ways.

Higher Value

Improving your home’s value is one of the main benefits of quality landscape design. Quality lawn and property care can speed up the sale of your home — if you ever wish to sell — by up to six weeks. Not only that, but according t

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Your Lawn May be Green, But is it “Green?”

Organic lawn care lisle

A big part of buying a home is also undertaking the lawn that comes with it. Having a big, green, healthy lawn has been an iconic American dream for decades. But how important are lawns to us, really? For starters, maintaining a healthy lawn is just as important as maintaining and renovating other parts of your home. The vast majority of real estate agents (97%) place landscaping as a top five home improvement recommendation that can yield up at a 215% return on investment. On average, investing in landscaping can increase a home’s value by 12-14%.

So yes, lawns certainly matter in terms of how we value property. But whether a lawn is large or small, flat or on a hill, it’s important to keep environmentally friendly lawn care in mind, too. Not only will this additional, safer lawn care keep your lawn

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