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Warning Tile Floor Restoration and Etching

Terrazzo polishing tampa

Here’s the problem with DIY tile floor restoration, natural stones like marble and terrazzo are extremely vulnerable to liquids with a high acidic content. These materials will leave etch marks on the surface, which will have to be grinded away. That means any acidic material could destroy your expensive tile floor or marble countertops.
Too often, someone embarks on tile floor restoration to clean up the etch marks made by a previous owner’s botched tile floor restoration.
What kind of household goods contain acid that will etch during tile floor restoration?

  • Most hard water and mineral deposit removers
  • Virtually all toilet bowl cleaners
  • Rust removing products
  • Ironically, many tile cleaners
  • Drain cleaners
  • Lemon juice, wine, vinegar, and oth

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What Can Crane Mats Do?

Outrigger pads for cranes

Cranes are an important part of all of our lives, whether or not we realize that. Most of what we consume was transported via shipping containers, and lifted off of those containers with cranes. Basically all mass commerce depends on shipping of some kind, and therefore on cranes. Cranes probably had a large part in the building of the house or apartment building you live in, and in the buildings you work in. Those cranes have to rest on something, and that something is called a crane mat.

There are, of course, several factors to consider when setting up your crane pad. It is very important, for the safety of everyone working on a given project, to make sure that you set it up right. Check out the essential considerations here:

What Are the Ground Conditions?
Before you

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