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Well Drilling Contractors Dig Deep for the Good Stuff

Well contractors

Water is a vital element of our existence and survival. Clean, reliable, safe access to it is crucial, and unfortunately that access is not equally available to everyone across the globe. Even within the United States, there are some areas that water well drilling contractors have yet to visit, and groups of people who have different ideas of quenching their thirst than pressing a button on the refrigerator. Well specialists can confirm that about 40% to 50% of the water in the U.S. is impaired or threatened, w

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Radon Gas The Risks, The Tests, And Mitigation

Radon system inspection

It’s easy to think that you’re safe in your home. In many ways, everyone should have the right to feel that — but unfortunately, there’s a difference between what we want and reality. Many times, that sense of safety that we have in our homes is belied by the presence of unseen dangers. These dangers are not intruders or predators, but perhaps something even more insidious simply because you don’t know it’s there. One of these dangers is radon. Perhaps you’ve heard of the risks of radon in the workplace. However, radon can also be present in residential areas. Sadly, it’s quite possible that radon is even more dangerous in residential areas, simply because you spend more time in your home. You and your loved ones could be sleeping calmly in bed, unable to know that you’re breathing in radon

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