What You Should Know About Roof Repair and Solar Panels

Residential roofing

It seems like everyone these days is going solar. It’s not hard to see why: The price of solar panels have dropped by 60% over the past five years. On top of that, using the power from those panels will save homeowners an average $84 per month on their electricity costs. Of course, it’s not just about money — there’s the environmental aspect, too. When you install solar panels on your rooftop, you can decrease your home’s carbon footprint by an average 35,180 pounds’ worth of carbon dioxide every year.

However, before you go throwing panels up on your roof, take a look at the state of your roof to begin with. Do you know when to replace your roof? Do you know the lifespan of a roof? Remember that solar panels are large, heavy, and built to last. Not only do you need the structural support of quality roofing materials to mount them up there, but if you ever need roof repairs down the line, it’s going to be that much more work to have the solar panels removed and replaced to get to the roof itself, too.

That said, make sure that your residential roofing is in good shape before you start. In fact, it’s best to have solar panels installed along with a new roof — that way, you’ll know you’re getting a long life out of both materials. Older tiles that require frequent roof repair will only get in the way.

Very likely, the solar panel installation company you hire will do an assessment of your roof before they start any work for you. However, it might be better to call in a roofing specialist in the first place. They’ll give you a better idea of how solid your current roof is, whether you’re likely to need any roof repairs down the line, and how much it will cost to fix up your roof for the security you need for solar panel installation.

Saving money and the earth is great, but don’t jump into solar energy without some forethought and careful consideration. A few smart fixes now can save you a bundle down the road.

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