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5 Different Ways You Should Care about Air Conditioning Maintenance

Commercial ac st petersburg

So let’s say you have decided that you want to employee a professional to come over and do a full-system air conditioning installation. You’ve now gone forward and had the AC services performed by your local air conditioning service professional. Now that you have a beautifully setup AC, you want to make sure you take care of it and perform the necessary air conditioning maintenance on it.

Air conditioning maintenance is often overlooked by many homeowners who don’t realize just how costly AC repair truly is — until they see it for themselves when it malfunctions. Avoiding these malfunctions through monthly air conditioning maintenance practices that can help with extending the life of your

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After the Storm The Effects of Hail on Your Roof, Siding, and Windows

Roof in need of replacement

Some parts of the U.S. are hit by hailstorms six or more times a year, leaving destruction and serious damage. Hailstones can be as big as a penny, reaching .75 inches in diameter, and are large enough to cause severe storm damage to homes, vehicles, and property.

After a hailstorm, you might think that because you don?t see any signs of damage, your home or property are perfectly fine. This may not be the case. Storm damage can be difficult to identify and may worsen as time goes by. If you think your home may have suffered some degree of damage after a storm, check for the following signs.

Roof Damage

Roofs generally receive the worst of the damage. Damaged shingle roofs can allow water to leak int

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Start on the Right FootPrepare Questions to Ask Moving Companies

Moving companies richland wa

Every day of the week, and all around the world, people are relocating from one place to another. Many people will choose to relocate because of a new job or business venture. Moving takes a lot of planning, not to mention the extraordinary amount of work it takes to move a household to a new location. During the planning stage, it is wise to shop around for a reliable, affordable local mover with experience and a good reputation, as well as a full range of moving services. Another helpful rule of thumb is to comprise a list of questions to ask moving companies before making the call. Customers should be able to ask whatever they need to about preparation and relocation in order to get a feel for how the company will handle their moving day.

A representativ

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Do You Know Where The Most At-Risk Fire Locations Are?

Tampa fire protection

Workplace safety isn’t just a chore — it’s a day-to-day necessity to ensure the safety of both employees and customers. Laws are constantly fluctuating and being updated to reduce the risk of common workplace accidents and maintain the general health and wellness of the American population. Likewise, a lack of oversight can cause severe long-term consequences that cost thousands of dollars and put livelihoods at risk. One of the most frequent issues facing many industries today is the risk of fire, which can be started with as little as a spark and cause unprecedented damages and injuries. From buying a fire extinguisher recharge to calling a fire extinguisher service, there is a lot you can do to mediate this danger and stay safe.

How Are Fires Started?

A fire can be cause

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The Care and Feeding of Residential HVAC

Leaking hot water heater

Residential hvac is the installation and maintenance of home furnaces, water heaters, and home cooling systems. Customers can usually use the same contractor for both heating and cooling. These companies are trained and experienced at furnace repair, water heater problems, and any repairs that need to be performed within a home’s heating system. Throughout the winter in any location where the weather gets cold, residential hvac companies say that 75% of the calls they get complaining about the loss of heat is due to lack of maintenance on the furnace. Installation of the furnace or boiler is not where its upkeep ends. These units need preventive maintenance and cleaning throughout their years of use

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