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6 Ways to Keep Your Natural Bamboo Floors Looking Their Best

Bamboo wood flooring ideas

While natural bamboo flooring is well-known for its durability, these floors do require special maintenance. In order to keep your floors looking good as new, here are the things you need to o regularly.

  1. Sweep up dirt and dust. Natural bamboo flooring has a distinct shine that can be easily masked by dirt and debris. Use a fiber broom or dust rag to clear the floor regularly. Additionally, it’s best to keep the floors as dry as possible as not to attract more dirt and dust. It’s especially important to sweep high-traffic areas of the flooring, by doors or areas of seating, because dirt in this area will become abrasive, wearing down the bamboo as time goes on.
  2. Mop regularly. You can either use any hardwood floor cleani

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