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The Importance of Fertilizers and Root Enhancer

One of the challenges of modern agriculture is keeping enormous amounts of crops growing. Plants take the nutrients they need from the soil in which they grow, and after many crops have been grown in it, the nutrient levels in soil begin to drop. Rotating fields is one way of allowing a piece of ground to rest and regain nutrition, but this must be combined with other methods in order to keep the world fed and farmers out of economic straits. Root enhancer, 4 1 2 fertilizer, and other types of food for rooting plants are one of the most important factors in producing reliably healthy plants.

What Plants Need

Plants need six key nutrients. Three of these are easily taken from any soil and from water: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. There are three others, however––phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium–that are more difficult for a plant to acquire without some kind of fertilizer. Without human help, plants rely on th

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