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3 Roof Replacement Options to Consider

Of all the many parts of a house, the roof is one of the most important. Not only does a roof keep out the elements, it represents nearly half (40 percent) of a home’s visual exterior and with such a high percentage, it plays a key role in a house’s overall aesthetics.

With a roof playing such an important role for a house, it’s important to keep it looking at and performing at its best. When it comes to roof replacement, there are many things to consider, whether you opt for self-repair or allow roofers to do the job.

Low-cost options

One option for roof replacement is simply putting new shingles over the old ones or reroofing. This option does eliminate some of costs associated with roof replacement and is a good idea if there are no major issues with your roof. Homes are allowed two layers of asphalt shingles and 80 percent of homes are covered with asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are long lasting, with a lifespan of anywhere from 20 to 50 years depending on th

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What’s The Most Popular Kitchen Addition In Today’s Home Remodeling?

House starting to feel a little out-of-sorts? You may be overdue for a remodel.

But wait! Don’t just jump into the fray quite yet. There are a lot of wonderful remodeling options to choose from, particularly since a single upgrade can yield you a lot of benefits in the long-term. Not only will renovating your bathroom or upgrading your kitchen improve your home, it’ll also boost your house’s ROI and even save you money down the road. That said…where should you get started? Laminate floors, granite countertops and durable carpet are all rather dazzling in their own ways!

Let’s take a look at some simple renovation tips to get you started.

The Kitchen Is One Of The Most Popular Places To Remodel

To remodel the bathroom or to remodel the master bedroom? That is the question. Turns out it’s one with an easy answer, as the kitchen remains one of the most popular places for homeowners to strut their stuff. Of the over 90% of homeowners

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