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Test Your Home for Radon

Any number of health hazards may present themselves in the modern American home, from molds that cause allergies to the fleas on rats or mice or squirrels that break in, not to mention the common hazard of dangerous carbon monoxide buildup. But there is another hazardous gas that may present itself in homes and pose a health risk, and that is radon. Invisible, odorless, and tasteless, this gas is impossible to detect with the human senses, but the danger is very real, and a home may spend years with a radon buildup and the homeowners will not even know it. For this reason, testing for radon is a great idea for any homeowner who may suspect a radon buildup, or any homeowner who simply wants to take precautions once they learn about the dangers of this gas and how it may present itself in homes. What can be done for radon gas testing, to find out if there is radon in your home? What symptoms may present themselves to cause a person to start testing for radon?


This hea

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Saving Money During The Winter Is Tough How A New Roof Replacement Can Keep You In The Green

Winter has arrived on your doorstep. How’s your house faring?

If you’re feeling less-than-enthused about your energy bill, or have noticed a stubborn draft in the house, you’ll want to keep reading. The benefits of roof replacement are slowly becoming better understood the country over. It’s not just a high-quality HVAC system that keeps you feeling cozy year-round. It’s also a roof that does the complex task of shielding you from the elements and keeping your hard-earned money from slipping between the cracks. All this and more can be done in a matter of days, too.

Roof replacement is a smart use of your money and time. Here are a few installations that can keep your house strong during the cold season.

How Gutter Improvements Protect The Home

You might not think much of that annoying gutter clog now, but you’ll be glad you took the time to sort it out before it starts raining. Clogged gutters have been attributed as the num

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