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4 Ways to Get Ice Out of Your Gutters

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When the weather gets cold enough for ice to form, few things are safe from its wrath. Think about it. All of those potholes you complain about are due to its creation and then disappearance in the spring. Ice in gutters can cause a host of problems for you and your home. There are some things you can do to get rid of it. Here are ways to get that nasty ice out of your gutters.

  1. Get the snow off of your roof. You can get rid of the ice in gutters but unless you cut it off at the source, you will have a short reprieve before you have to do it again. Get yourself a snow rake and clear your roof of any and all ice and snow that is accumulating there. A snow rake is really just a regular rake with and end that can be extended and retracted. Be careful using this tool. You want yo

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