Identifying a Rat Problem in Your House

Incidents regarding rat infestation have increased significantly in the past few years. A lot of people have rats as pets and find them enjoyable to take care of, but having wild rats in your living space is a whole different ball game.

In general, most people find them scary or squeamish and do not want them in their home or business. It’s not hard to understand why, since wild rats can wreak a lot of havoc in a short amount of time by chewing on wires, ripping up insulation, urinating on woodwork, and more.

If you are concerned that rats are living in your home, you will want to get on the phone with a animal and rodent removal company as soon as you can. Rats are known to breed quite quickly, and the average litter consists of right around a dozen babies. When it comes to these furry rodents, a small problem can escalate into a big one before you know it.

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Protecting the Basement From Water Damage

Basement and foundation waterproofing is something that many American homeowners and public buildings owners are urged to consider and invest in if they live in areas where floods, heavy rain, or high water tables may threaten the basement of a house or building, and basement and foundation waterproofing can prevent a lot of expensive water damage later on, making it a sound investment. Water in a basement can make it difficult to navigate and can break down and erode concrete and wood, and it may also promote mold growth, necessitating mold cleanup work. Just how much water do American homes use, and what may threaten to put water in places where it does not belong?

Water and a House

Basement and foundation waterproofing may be needed if a home gets a lot of leaks, and a lot of water is used by the average American home today. In fact, flushing a toilet once can

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Getting the Right Wood for Floorboards and Furniture

Despite the rise of steel and plastic, wood remains an essential and time-honored material for construction, and many Americans pursue wood crafting as a hobby, creating furniture and canoes, among other items, in a personal workshop. And even for homeowners who don’t have the craft skills to work with wood themselves, anyone will want quality lumber to be used when installing or updating floorboards, making furniture, or the frames of new houses. In the United States today, various species of hardwood are out there for construction such as figured cheery or big leaf maple wood, and different woods like figured cherry will offer different colors and patterns for aesthetics and will have differing costs and properties as construction materials. What is more, someone looking for wood shop materials or new floorboards can explore various avenues for finding the right wood. Where to start?

Wood Today

For millennia, wood has been a staple for constructing homes, tools, boats,

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