Month: January 2017

  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Natural Bamboo Floors Looking Their Best

    While natural bamboo flooring is well-known for its durability, these floors do require special maintenance. In order to keep your floors looking good as new, here are the things you need to o regularly. Sweep up dirt and dust. Natural bamboo flooring has a distinct shine that can be easily masked by dirt and debris. […]

  • 4 Ways to Keep a Construction Zone Safe

    There is a constant need for safety in the construction zone. It’s easy to get lax and skirt around the protocols. Even so, when you get too comfortable is when things can go wrong. Every worker should be vigilant and attentive while they are working in order to avoid accidents and injuries. However, the workers […]

  • Are Smokers Really More at Risk of Lung Cancer After Being Exposed to Radon?

    Local radon testing should be done periodically if you want to avoid the side effects of radon gas. What is radon? It is a radioactive gas that naturally occurs. It comes about when uranium begins to breakdown. It can usually be found in igneous rock as well as soil and sometimes in water. There have […]

  • Do You Know Which Plumber to Call in an Emergency?

    You had hoped for the best. Unfortunately, you had found the worst. While your next door neighbors spend part of the year in their Arizona home, you watch over their house in the midwest. This year, the neighbor’s schedule had been no different, but the weather back home had been pretty extreme. Like the year’s […]

  • 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional

    There are certain things that you can absolutely do yourself when it comes to repairs in your home. In this ‘do it yourself’ day and age, you have almost everything at your disposal to that you can do all the repairs that you want. But, should you really want to? There are certain things in […]

  • Be Prepared for the Next Power Outage–Purchase Emergency Generators

    Power grid outages happen more often than many people may realize. During January to June of 2014, for example, 130 outages were reported. Federal data indicates that the electric power grid loses power more often than it did in 1984, which was when the government began collecting data on blackouts. It is estimated that some […]

  • Propane 5 Facts on this All American Source of Fuel

    A bi-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining, propane is one of the most widely used sources of fuel in the nation whether it be for heating, cooking, or industrial purposes. Propane has been used since the early 1900s once it was able to be packaged in liquid form for sale and transportation purposes. […]

  • Bees Aren’t a Problem, But You Should Do Something About the Termites

    Your home is the place that you retire to after a long day, the place that you go to relax and unwind. You are probably pretty proud of the home that you have made, whether you had a hand in the construction or remodeling of it, or you have brought in the perfect furniture and […]