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  • How to Mitigate Radon with Your Sump Pump

    How to Mitigate Radon with Your Sump Pump

    What is a Sump Pump? A sump pump is essentially an added form of flood protection for a home. It is generally installed under the basement floor to collect ground water before it can rise and enter your home. It comes in handy during the rainier seasons or when the snow begins melting in the […]

  • How to take care of your basement

    We often think of our homes as sanctuaries against danger and usually they are. Homes are a place of rest and relaxation, recuperation and rejuvenation against work and the stresses of outside life. This is all fine and well but that doesn’t mean the home doesn’t have its own set of dangers we should look […]

  • Learn More About the Importance of Having Your Home Tested for Radon Gas

    Since radon is an odorless gas, you may not be aware that your home has radon levels that are at or above the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency’s action level. Furthermore, since radon is a poisonous gas that is known to cause lung cancer and other health issues, it’s important to have a radon mitigation […]