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Long Distance Movers

Any time you are moving over a hundred miles away you may want to enlist the help of long distance movers. Long distance movers are a available for a full service move or they can be called on to help movers with a partial moving service, using pods. Pods are the portable containers that are used by moving companies all over now. People love them because they can save money by doing the packing and loading themselves and then letting the long distance movers transport the containers the new residence for them. Long distance movers can ship portable moving containers on rail to your new location too.

Before hiring long distance movers, take the time to do some research on the different moving companies. It is a good idea to get several moving quotes from different long distance movers. If you do some comparison shopping you have a better chance of getting the best deals. Long distance movers vary in their rates so be sure you get several quotes. One thing that will help is to go online and read the reviews on the various long distance movers in your area. People who have used long distance movers can write up a review to let other people who are moving know about the different companies they have moved before. Moving reviews is one of the best ways to located the best long distance movers.

Moving across town is stressful. Can you imagine how stressful moving clear across the country is? You won’t want to try to make a move like that on your own. People can save money by getting discount moving codes and coupons online too. That way you can save up to 30 percent sometimes on a long distance move. Moving companies can map out the best route for you to take if you are moving a long distance away and are unfamiliar with the roads. You can also find the best routes for the different kinds of weather that you may have to pass through during the winter months that way too.

You can Meet any Moving Needs Long Distance Movers Can Meet

Are you interested in services long distance movers provide? Do you want the functionality most long distance movers have, without the cost most long distance movers charge? Basically, do you want to have cake and eat it, too? This was a challenge beforehand, but now you can get the services of long distance movers by using self storage pods.

Self storage and moving pods are a great way to compete with long distance movers on price and service. How do they work? Let us start in the 1960s, when their forerunner first appeared. The freight container, at first glance, was not attractive as a large, steel box. It was a simple design, but it was beautiful. These containers could travel by ship, as rail cars, or as tractor trailers, or just sit in a yard for storage. In most stages, containers could be stacked, and always moved seamlessly from one transport mode to another.

Moving pods have a similar idea, but are scaled for you. The idea is that you pack them, secure them, and then do what you feel is best with them. Perhaps you need to store them in your backyard or a dedicated lot. If you wish, you can load them onto a trailer, or have a discount long distance mover drive one for you. Whatever you decide to do, they are game for that.

Best of all, these pods are tough. Most are made of steel and are watertight, and can survive any weather conditions. Rain, sleet, ice, even severe weather are no match for them. For a little extra, you can even find a pod that is climate controlled, allowing you to move and store temperature sensitive goods. The possibilities are endless.

So the next time you need to move something, do not hire expensive long distance movers. Instead, invest in a self storage pod. Such pods provide the convenience of long distance movers without the costs. Better yet, you can do anything that long distance movers can do.

Don’t get duped by long distance movers

Everyone has a horror story about long distance movers. And if you start Googling you’ll quickly find that many of them are true or worse. The Better Business Bureau is inundated with complaints about shady movers.

Last year I decided that it was time to think about moving in with my girlfriend. She had an amazing house with lots of room for me and my exercise equipment. My apartment was getting cramped when my last roommate’s girlfriend basically moved in with her cat. I’d been researching movers ever since having a huge fight with them about doing the dishes. I couldn’t have even imagined demanding that she start paying rent. World War III wasn’t for me.

It had been years since I hired movers as I had been in that apartment for almost a decade. Me and my best friend moved in together after college. It worked out fine as he worked nights and I worked days. We rarely saw each other and kept the main rooms clean. Helps that we had known each other since kindergarten, I guess. Two years ago he fell in love, got married, and now he’s slugging diapers around instead of barbells. It’s cool, I’m the kid’s godfather. I got a roommate instead of moving to a smaller apartment.

I began my search for movers by looking up the ones I had used previously. They were called ABM movers, which I had always remembered because I jokingly called the owner Abe movers. Well, Abe was long gone and now there was a new guy running the show. Review after review online bemoaned Abe’s departure (his name was Adam, it turns out). The new movers were horrible. They pulled the same old trick over and over again. The movers would load up the truck and then hold people’s entire lives hostage at the other end when they demanded more money for something or other. Sometimes they would claim that the front door was over 10 feet from elevator.

It took me a while, but I ended up choosing to go the pods route. A secured container was dropped off outside of my building and I filled it myself. The movers only had to come pick up the pod and deliver it to my girlfriend’s house. Simple as that. It is secure, affordable, and out of all of the reviews I read, the most sane option.

Moving POS May Make Your Move Easier

If you are moving in the near future, or have moved in the past, you know how difficult the planning process can be. Renting a moving van can be stressful, with time constraints and having to drive it all over town, but there are no other options. Or are there?

Portable moving pods have recently made a splash in the moving industry, cutting back on several of the draw backs of moving with a traditional moving van. PODS, or portable on demand storage, are essentially a storage unit and moving van all wrapped into one. They are a stationary unit that sits at ground level, which you pack, and then the company transports to basically wherever it is you want. The great thing about PODS is they alleviate a ton of the leg work of loading a traditional van (since they do sit at ground level), and save you from having to drive those big hard to maneuver vans, or paying long distance movers, to get your things from point A to point B.

While pricing differs depending on the size and where you need to go, pods are incredibly cost effective, and have the added benefit of no time constraints. While traditional moving vans charge you a fee after a certain time period, pods charge you one flat rate, and allow you to unpack at your leisure. I great perk to help alleviate some of the stress of your move.

Finally, PODS are great for piece of mind. While on site storage facilities have people off and on them constantly, with a pod, you are solely responsible for the safety of your pod. You hold the key, making it one less thing you need to worry about. Pods are also completely weather and humidity proof, so you do not have to worry about your belongings being exposed to the elements.

Pods are a cost effective alternative to the traditional moving van that are a great option to consider if the moving van is no longer suiting your needs. They are available nationwide, for a variety of prices and needs.

Consider Long Distance Movers

Millions of Americans move every year for a variety of different reasons. To be closer to family, for a new job, for better weather, etc. However, moving can be stressful, both financially and emotionally. If you are planning a move, particularly if you are planning a long distance move or an interstate move, you may want to consider hiring long distance movers. Long distance movers can help to facilitate smooth, stress free moves.

However, there are several things to consider when hiring movers. First of all, most people move during the summer months, a time frame known as “moving season,” and it therefore can be much more expensive to hiring movers during this time frame. If you’re trying to cut costs, you will probably want to consider moving outside of this period, ideally before May or after September. If you are looking to cut costs you might consider moving pods. These pods can be rented and you can back them yourself and then hire long distance movers to move them for you. Though packing the pods yourself can be labor intensive, it is a great way to cut costs.

Overall, the key to a successful move is organization. Prior to moving, you will need to give the long distance movers a detailed, itemized list of what, specifically, you are planning to move. It is a good idea to hold onto this list until after the move is completed to ensure that nothing is lost, misplaced, or stolen. Furthermore, keep in mind that less is more when moving. It is a good idea to go through of all of your belongings and declutter. Get rid of anything that isn’t essential and organize the things you are planning to keep. Also keep in mind that you never want to send items of personal or monetary value with the long distance movers. For example, cash, credit cards, photo albums, and sentimental belongs. You will also want to pack these things to travel with you. Or alternatively you can send them to your destination via a trackable shipping service. Overall, a smooth can be easy and stress free with some organization and planning.


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