Movers and People who Use Pods Save Money

Are you considering long distance moving? Do you want to find low cost movers that simply drive for you, enabling you to pack and store goods yourself? You may want to consider self storage pods in your moving needs. Self storage pods are small, nimble, and able to store anywhere. They can easily sit in your driveway for some time, a back yard, or on a trailer. In essence, they let you become your own movers.

Self storage pods have their genesis in inter modal shipping containers. Invented in the 1960s, these shipping containers were large steel boxes on a much larger scale than the pods movers use. Inter modal containers became popular because they can use multiple transportation modes. Movers of these containers can load them on ships, trains and trucks, and can store them in warehouses.

Most people and many long distance movers use pods for much the same reason. Most pods are made of steel, and are generally air tight. Most can survive in all weather conditions, including severe weather. Like there container cousins, pods can even be climate controlled.

Perhaps the biggest reason individualism and movers use self storage pods is cost. Pods are cheap to lease, very durable, and easy to move. Because of their inter modal nature, individuals can tow them on trailers, and movers can use them on trucks. Such changes dramatically lowers conversion and transportation costs, and lets companies pass the savings to you the consumer.

Pods are a great way for most people and movers to store and transport their goods. Not only are they weather proof and can be climate controlled, but they can go virtually anywhere. The cost savings on most pods are tremendous, and allow you to reap the savings movers generate. So next time you move, consider a self storage pod. Whether you hire a mover to drive for you, or you act as your own mover, a pod can dramatically lower transport costs.


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