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Types of Pollutants The Could Be in Your Drinking Water Why You Need a Whole Home Water Treatment

Reverse osmosis water system

The last thing we want to see when we go to fill up out refillable water bottles or go to take a shower is a discoloration or funny smell connected to our water. We want to make sure out water remains clear and clean, free of any contaminants. If you do not have some type of whole home water treatment at your house, here are a few signs it may be a good idea to get one.

Physical Signs

Physical pollutants are pollutants that change the look or other physical properties of the water. A lot of water distillers can catch these types of pollutants, but not always. If your water has an off-collar look to it, or has particles of sediment in it that you can physically see, it’s ti

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Exterior Lighting Trends to Update Your Outdoor Spaces

Exterior lighting

When updating your home’s landscaping this spring, don’t forget to include lighting in your outdoor style. As outdoor spaces become hubs for leisure in entertainment in the warmer months, it is essential to make your yard welcoming and reflective of your home’s overall aesthetic. With the majority of home owners focusing on their backyard in their outdoor upgrades, custom lighting design can be tailored to individual homes. While shopping for your unique pieces, consider these outdoor lighting trends.

  • Statement Lights

    Exterior lighting no longer needs to be understated. Draw the eyes of your guest to your lighting fixtures with boldly sh

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