Exterior Lighting Trends to Update Your Outdoor Spaces

Exterior lighting

When updating your home’s landscaping this spring, don’t forget to include lighting in your outdoor style. As outdoor spaces become hubs for leisure in entertainment in the warmer months, it is essential to make your yard welcoming and reflective of your home’s overall aesthetic. With the majority of home owners focusing on their backyard in their outdoor upgrades, custom lighting design can be tailored to individual homes. While shopping for your unique pieces, consider these outdoor lighting trends.

  • Statement Lights

    Exterior lighting no longer needs to be understated. Draw the eyes of your guest to your lighting fixtures with boldly shaped or colored pieces. If you are crafting a more sophisticated style, consider artful metal floor lamps for your deck or patio. For more casual, playful looks, try out hanging orbs or novelty lights.
  • Lanterns

    Try out a modern twist on this classic outdoor lighting style. Whether hanging from a string or sitting on a table, a lantern is a classy, attention grabbing piece. As lanterns come in a variety of metals, choose a color and finish to fit your desired look. To make a lantern, or a lantern set, a piece of statement lighting, select a colored finish.
  • Colored Lighting

    By selecting lights in a tone other than white, you can set the tone of an outdoor space. Whether choosing a colored bulb or a light filter, you can compliment your decor with exterior lighting. Consider the mood you want to set when choosing between warm and cool tones.
  • Twinkle Lights

    String lights are no longer reserved for the holidays. These popular features set a welcoming atmosphere. Hanging these lights between deck posts, or on a terrace, will make this fixture a center part of your aesthetic. For a more subtle look, place the lights in bushes or along walkways.
  • LED Lights

    If you want to keep your antique light fixtures but still want an update, consider switching the bulbs to LED. These lighting powerhouses use 15% of the energy of a halogen light, while emitting 85% more light. Especially if you are frequently using your outdoor spaces, these lights will significantly reduce your energy footprint.

Lighting fixtures are a staple of outdoor leisure spaces. As you prepare for summer entertainment and outdoor parties, establish your updated exterior aesthetic with a creative combination of lights.

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