Cable Rails for Decks and Stairways Add a Special Touch

Cable rail systems

If you’re planning to add a deck or patio to your home or yard, you’re probably aware that the two most important considerations are beauty and safety. Wire railing made from steel fulfills both purposes, being, naturally, as strong as steel and leaving a clear view. Cable rail designs can be used for interior and exterior systems, including decks, stairways, and more.

An outdoor space to relax and unwind
Outdoor spaces like patios and decks naturally attract people. They’re an inviting place to spend time relaxing, entertaining or even working. More than a third of single family homes in the U.S. sold in 2014 had a patio and a porch. There’s something very calming about an outdoor space where you can sit and unwind, enjoying the quiet with your family and pets after a hectic day at work.
Outdoor spaces are also a good location for home improvement projects, especially if you spend a lot of time there. Among homeowners who upgrade their yards and other outdoor spaces, more than half or 51% say that they spend six or more hours there during the week.

Adding value to your home
Outdoor home improvements are not only popular, they’re also a good investment. Just adding a deck or patio can increase the value of the home by 30%. According to the Simons Advisory Group, and investment of $200,000 can increase the sale value by $500,000.
Backyard upgrades are typically significant improvements. About 58% of backyard upgrades involve paving, new beds, building/upgrading structures, and 29% go for a complete overhaul with re-grading, terracing, re-landscaping.

A deck with a view
Adding a deck or patio is a very satisfying twofer, giving you an attractive outdoor space while also adding quite substantially to the value of the property. For those who want a deck with a view, cable rails made from steel provide both security and beauty. Design rail for decks or stairways have to follow very strict safety standards, to prevent falls.
The open grid created by cable handrails gives you a clear view from your deck, whether your view is of the garden, the kids’ playground, the nearby mountains or even a water view. Cable deck railing made from steel contains at least 12% chromium. It forms a thin, invisible protective film on the surface of the railing. This makes design rail for decks strong, weather resistant, and durable.

When adding a deck or patio, using a design rail for decks adds a special touch. Cable rail systems add both beauty and strength to the design of decks and stairways, allowing you and your family to enjoy the outdoor and the view.

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