Month: March 2017

  • Have You Scheduled Your Spring HVAC Service Appointment?

    If you have an AC unit that isn’t performing well, it can be pretty miserable for those inside the home. The house can quickly get too hot and too humid. When you need air conditioning system repair, you need to call a company that does AC heating and cooling near me to fix it. It […]

  • Are You Looking for Modern Furniture for a New or Newly Designed Space?

    It is not exactly an apartment, but it is not exactly a dorm room either. Although many large campuses have suite style apartments, the small liberal arts college where your daughter attends does not have all of the amenities that you might find in other places. In fact, large campus suite style apartments come so […]

  • Finding the Perfect Entertainment Cabinets and Kitchen Cupboards

    When you picture your ideal home, there are certain things that need to materialize and fit exactly as you envision it. Whether for the functionality or the aesthetic, there are elements that should come together in a way that fits you and your lifestyle. Among these elements is often the way in which you choose […]

  • How A Sunroom Can Create A Beautiful And More Energy Efficient Home

    Your home is a canvas. You’re always adding new details to bring out its composition, touching it up with color one week only to look up renovations the next. Like any good painting you’ll want something that’s true to you and who you are. While there are many ways to give your residence an artistic […]

  • Using Stamp Concrete Molds to Create Colorful Designs on Concrete Outside Your Home

    Many homeowners are obsessed with the way their houses look, both from the outside and inside. This is a great quality to have, in fact, as it means that people spend quite a lot of time and effort to ensure that their houses look good and feel good from the inside out. If you are […]

  • What to Consider When Hiring an Appliance Repair Service

    Appliances are not meant to last forever, but the good ones should a while. When they stop working, your best bet is usually calling upon a repair service to come and make them as good as new. When it comes to refrigerators, those should last somewhere around 13 years before you ever have to think […]

  • Get Ready to Go Green with These 3 Organic Lawn Care Tips

    Did you know that close to 70 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides are applied to yards in the U.S. every single year? That’s almost 10 times the amount used on U.S. farmland, acre for acre. These chemicals might keep your lawn looking nice, but the impact they have on the environment is nothing short […]

  • Replacement Windows Why They’re Worth Considering

    Windows are a vital part of the home — nobody is arguing otherwise. But all too easily, we come to take our windows for granted. They, much like other utilitarian parts of a house, aren’t often checked up on or replaced. As long as they’re doing their basic function, people aren’t often worried about how […]