Get Ready to Go Green with These 3 Organic Lawn Care Tips

Proper lawn care makes your home environment beautiful, safe, and habitable. Organic lawn care is the safest bet for protecting the environment from harmful pesticides and other chemicals. Proper lawn care begins when you treat your soil as a living thing that needs water and nutrients to survive and thrive. It’s a time-consuming and labor-intensive exercise that requires expertise in some cases.
Testing and knowing the correct type of grass for your loan are challenging for a novice. Maintaining the grass can be a challenge too. A lawn service company can ease the burden for you at minimal costs. They provide affordable grass cutting bargains for your compound to keep the lawn in top form. Check if they have lawn care program scheduling and enroll yourself to enjoy better deals and regular lawn care guarantees.

Search online for affordable lawn care solutions and scout for ideal companies. You can also search for affordable lawn care and landscaping near me to find companies within your locality. It gives you the advantage of working with professionals with the proper knowledge of your area, the soil, and topography.

Did you know that close to 70 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides are applied to yards in the U.S. every single year? That’s almost 10 times the amount used on U.S. farmland, acre for acre. These chemicals might keep your lawn looking nice, but the impact they have on the environment is nothing short of catastrophic.

If you’re ready to make a change and stop using harmful chemicals on your lawn, organic lawn care might be the solution. Here are a few organic tips to help you cultivate a naturally healthy lawn.

Think about soil like it’s a living thing.

Like all living things, soil needs water and nutrients to survive. If you stop thinking about your soil as inanimate and start treating it like you’d treat any other plant, you’ll notice a huge difference in your backyard’s health and growth.

Test first and buy nutrients second.

Before you start overloading your soil with nutrients and organic treatments, make sure you’re actually providing what your yard needs. Testing the soil is an important step that can help you determine exactly what your soil needs and how much of it you should be administering.

Make sure you’re growing the right grass.

The grass certainly may look greener on the other side of the fence, but there actually might be a legitimate reason for that. Turns out no two grasses grow the same way! Once you’ve had your soil tested, you need to determine the climate and layout of your yard. Some grasses grow best in shade while others thrive in direct sunlight. In addition, the soil plays a direct role in what type of grass will grow best in your yard. So before you go buying just any grass seeds, make sure you’re researching the type of grass that will best fit your yard. Not only will your yard look fuller and healthier, you’ll be practicing more environmentally responsible lawn care.

Taking simple steps can lead to a bigger change than you might think. That’s true when you’re planting flowers for your garden, and doubly true when you’re practicing organic lawn care to help the environment. If you want to practice more environmentally responsible gardening and yard care, this is how you should start. Don’t let chemicals and pesticides get the best of your yard!

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