How A Sunroom Can Create A Beautiful And More Energy Efficient Home


Your home is a canvas. You’re always adding new details to bring out its composition, touching it up with color one week only to look up renovations the next. Like any good painting you’ll want something that’s true to you and who you are. While there are many ways to give your residence an artistic boost, adding a sunroom is a brilliant way of combining practicality with aesthetic. It allows natural energy into your home, creates a peaceful atmosphere and works with your roofing to save you money. Quality roofing goes a long way for homeowners and a sunroom is just one of many ways to do so.

What Do Homeowners Usually Buy?

It’s all right to be unsure about where to start. Homeowners across the country are always wondering how to maintain that delicate balance between saving money and spending it wisely. The average homeowner will spend anywhere from 1% to 4% of a home’s value every year on maintenance alone, which is known to increase dramatically as a house continues to age — a $200,000 home, for example, would see around $2,000 in repairs every year. The older it gets? The higher it grows.

What Are Common Roofing Issues?

Your roof is like an easel. It props up your interior design and completes your exterior design. The roof represents around 40% of the visual exterior of a house, playing an incredibly important part in aesthetic appeal. Likewise, a weak roof stands to not just undermine your home’s overall feel — it can negatively impact your energy bill in the long run. Heat loss is known to escape through both the roof and the attic, adding up to nearly 40% and increasing your monthly figures by an impressive margin. Fortunately, leaks, cracks and weak materials can all be replaced easily.

What Makes A High Quality Roof?

You have plenty of options to bolster your home’s image and transform it into an even better version of itself. Metal roofs are proven to last an astonishing 30 years with very minimal maintenance, giving you more free time to renovate, decorate or do nothing at your heart’s content! Four out of five homes are covered with asphalt shingles across the United States, coming in both organic and fiberglass, and are widely considered to provide decent levels of protection against both the elements and age. Expect anywhere from 12 to 15 years with asphalt shingles.

Can I Improve My ROI?

Some homeowners are planning on having children inherit the home. Others are looking to sell within the next few years. Improving your roof or adding a sunroom will do the dual work of saving you money and increasing your home’s future prospects. Adding a sunroom is a big investment to any home and can improve your resale value by an average of 89% to 115% of the original cost — these odds are more likely if the room is used an average of four times per day.

How Do I Install A Sunroom?

A sunroom is a beautiful touch-up for any home. Before you look into different sunroom designs, remember your roof should be inspected once or twice per year — this is a good way to determine its age as well as whether or not you’re dealing with unseen damage. You can replace your roof entirely or establish a new material over an already existing model. Your ideal sunspace should face south as well as 30 degrees east or west in order to maximize its solar gathering potential. Improving your ROI, bolstering your roof and increasing the appeal of your home? That’s one detail any canvas can appreciate.

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