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Doing Your Part for the Environment

Taking care of the earth is an important thing to do. After generations of neglecting the planet we live on, the place that sustains us, societies are finally starting to wake up and become aware of how important it is to change our ways. The change is slow, and there is plenty of resistance from those who do not want to be inconvenienced, but it is a start. Many people may feel that they do not know how to make a difference, but it could be something as simple as putting positive practices into play in your own garden.

Bettering your little corner of the world

Whether you have a sprawling yard or a tiny plot or no yard at all, you can still help to improve the environment by nurturing plants. By planting trees, bushes, flowers, vegetables, and herbs in a garden or by keeping a few potted plants in your window, you are setting a good example for your community, and encouraging a better relationship between people and the environment. On a larger scal

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4 Unbelievable Reasons Why You Should Build a Shed in Your Yard

After months of waiting, summer has finally arrived — and all these extra hours of sunshine give us the perfect opportunity to give our houses and garages some extra TLC.

One of the most popular summer projects across America is none other than the backyard shed. In 2017, sheds were ranked the eighth most-popular outdoor structures!

But believe it or not, it’s easier than you might think to build a shed addition of your very own, whether you have a gift for carpentry or not. And here are the top four reasons why you’ll be glad you did:

You can personalize your shed as much as you want

One of the most fun reasons to DIY your backyard shed? You can truly personalize your shed, making this seemingly small structure into a big statement about you as a person. It’s your shed — make it as unique as you want and think outside the box!

DIY-ing gives you a fun challenge to take on

If you’ve never touched a hammer in your life, you’

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How To Plan a Great Kitchen Remodel With No Regrets

Whether you want to do a kitchen remodel to improve your enjoyment of your own space, inspire yourself to cook more, to increase the resale value of your home, or to actively prepare for a sell, kitchen design ideas can be hard to nail down. In fact, 76% of all homeowners end up changing the style of their kitchen during the project.

If kitchen design is part of your home renovation schedule, read on for some tips on how to pick the right design for your needs. Firmly settling on what you want in advance can help save you time and money once the project gets under way.

Be Trendy

Whatever your goals in kitchen design, you want to keep up with the times. This doesn’t mean you have to go with a kitchen design that will be obsolete or passe by the middle of next week. But it’s

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How Air Duct Cleaning Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

The ventilation system is an essential part of any home, but most people rarely give it any thought. However, without regular cleaning air ducts can collect minute debris like dust and mites. They can even begin to grow mold. All of these affect indoor air quality and can be harmful to the health of human and pets. Clean ducts can also help reduce heating and cooling costs, and reduce energy consumption, which is better for the environment. Duct cleaning should always be done by professionals who have the right training and equipment for the job.

How air ventilation ducts affect indoor air quality
People are used to thinking of smog and air pollution as something they encounter out of doors. However, many studies have shown that indoor air can be even more polluted, due to a number of factors. Over time, chemical and org

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New Gutter Installations Can Help Eliminate Maintenance and Improve the Value of Your Home

Every morning this month it has been the same outside. The sound has originated from various locations, but it is always the same sound. A full 18 months after one of the biggest spring storms that has ever come through the area, there are still many houses in the neighbors still getting new roofs, gutter installations, and, for some, whole house window replacement.
Although storm damage can cause a major interruption in life, there are some advantages to having to replace a roof, gutters, or windows. With the latest gutter installations, for instance, your home can be more maintenance free. In fact, leaf guard installations mean that you no longer have to balance precariously on a tall ladder to take care of your own gutter cleaning. If you were never someone who cleaned our own gutters, the advantage to the newest gutter installations are that you do not need

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