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4 Signs It’s Time to Consider Roof Replacement

While people often think of what’s inside their homes, it’s important to think about your roof. A sturdy roof helps to ensure that your home remains stable. Roofs are able to withstand a wide variety of conditions. However, every roof gradually wears down over long amounts of time. With that in mind, it’s important to watch out for signs of excessive roof damage. In this post, you’ll learn four signs that your roof needs replacing.

  1. Lots of Missing Shingles

    While leaving at your home, you might notice a few shingles missing from your roof. Considering that, it’s important to learn what is causing this to happen. For instance, a few missing shingles might not be anything to worry about. However, you could soon find that more shingles begin to come down.
  2. Neighboring Homes are Receiving New Roofs

    It’s important to consider looking around your neighborhood. You’ll want to notice the condition of your neighbor’s roofs. St

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3 Roof Replacement Options to Consider

Of all the many parts of a house, the roof is one of the most important. Not only does a roof keep out the elements, it represents nearly half (40 percent) of a home’s visual exterior and with such a high percentage, it plays a key role in a house’s overall aesthetics.

With a roof playing such an important role for a house, it’s important to keep it looking at and performing at its best. When it comes to roof replacement, there are many things to consider, whether you opt for self-repair or allow roofers to do the job.

Low-cost options

One option for roof replacement is simply putting new shingles over the old ones or reroofing. This option does eliminate some of costs associated with roof replacement and is a good idea if there are no major issues with your roof. Homes are allowed two layers of asphalt shingles and 80 percent of homes are covered with asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are long lasting, with a lifespan of anywhere from 20 to 50 years depending on th

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