Saving Money During The Winter Is Tough How A New Roof Replacement Can Keep You In The Green

Winter has arrived on your doorstep. How’s your house faring?

If you’re feeling less-than-enthused about your energy bill, or have noticed a stubborn draft in the house, you’ll want to keep reading. The benefits of roof replacement are slowly becoming better understood the country over. It’s not just a high-quality HVAC system that keeps you feeling cozy year-round. It’s also a roof that does the complex task of shielding you from the elements and keeping your hard-earned money from slipping between the cracks. All this and more can be done in a matter of days, too.

Roof replacement is a smart use of your money and time. Here are a few installations that can keep your house strong during the cold season.

How Gutter Improvements Protect The Home

You might not think much of that annoying gutter clog now, but you’ll be glad you took the time to sort it out before it starts raining. Clogged gutters have been attributed as the number one cause of basement water problems today, even beyond basic leaks. It’s recommended you have one downspout for every 30 to 40 linear feet of gutter. If your gutter system still isn’t enough? Just add more downspouts until you have a solid trickle well away from your home.

The Benefits Of Roof Replacement

A good roof is everything. If you’re noticing higher-than-average energy bills, you could very well be dealing with an outdated roof. Under normal circumstances it’s recommended your roof be inspected once or twice a year for structural damages. A recent consumer survey revealed durability to be the number one factor in determining which roof to purchase. A new asphalt shingle roof can net you an ROI of 60%, though metal roofing remains more popular for its eco-friendly nature.

Using New Siding To Boost Your ROI

Perhaps you want to look into other ways of boosting your ROI, even as you consider roof repair to push back the winter chill. New siding is a great way of giving your home more value with little effort. Old, worn siding has been found to contribute as much as 10% of a house’s loss in value. There are many useful siding materials that can last a while and look great in the process. Choosing the right project is all a matter of what you hope to see in the future.

Useful Energy Conservation Tips For Winter

Try out these tips next time you’re tired of paying too much. A programmable thermostat can be turned on whenever you leave the house, shutting off automatically when a certain temperature is reached. This will keep you from cranking up the dial when you step foot inside again. Roofing contractors can also discuss the right materials to use for your roof replacement, including both your budget and the climate you live in. A recent study found nearly one out of four homeowners admitting they never inspect their roof for damage.

Improving Your Home One Project At A Time

Your house needs a helping hand this winter. A roof replacement project can save you some much needed money on energy bills and improve the ROI of your house all in one fell swoop. Gutter replacements can also keep you from worrying about the long-term damage of heavy rainfall or snowfall. Keep in mind your insurance, too, so you’re not faced with any nasty surprises should a storm come your way. Nearly a third of homeowners today mistakenly believe their insurance will pay for damages after hail or fallen trees.

Winter is here. Stay warm and keep up with roof leak repair or siding installation.

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