Things to Do Before You Move

The decision to move is often accompanied by chaos and horror stories from people who have chosen to make all necessary arrangements and reservations at the last minute. However, if you stick to a plan when you decide to move, your odds of a fairly painless and successful affair should be quite good indeed. The first thing you need to do when you move is to reserve any trucks, movers, or other products and services to get your things out of your old place and into your new one on moving day. Start a search engine query for the phrase moving vendors, as well as the city and state you are moving from, and see what results come up.

Once you have a list of local vendors that can help you move, look up previous customer testimonials and ratings on consumer protection sites to make sure that the candidates under consideration have a great reputation for timeliness and honesty. Eliminate any who do not meet this standard. Call around and get quotes on how much it would cost to help you move from each vendor, and choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Once you have done this, the next thing you should do when you move is to compose a schedule of which rooms in your home should be fully packed up by a certain date. One of the best things to do is to pack up each room individually, so that the move is as streamlined and efficient as possible. And once you have your packing duties under control, make sure that your utilities are off in your old place and on in the new one before you move. These creature comforts can make a big difference!

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