Hiring Movers in Houston for a Last Minute Move

Few people would disagree that moving is a stressful enough experience even when you have plenty of time to pack and hire a reputable moving company. Just imagine having to move with only weeks or even days to spare! While last minute packing may be the kind of frenetic blur of activity in which you call in favors from friends, family and random passers by, finding movers in Houston for your last minute move is riddled with potential pitfalls.

Of course it is always important to check the credentials of your moving company, but if you are moving at short notice it is possible that most of the reputable movers in Houston are already booked. That is not to say that any unbooked movers in Houston will not be reputable. It means that, even though you may feel that time is the last thing you can spare, you will have to take time to carefully research the available movers in Houston if you want to avoid entrusting your belongings to the wrong company.

You can find contact details for movers in Houston online or in Yellow Pages. There are online messageboards where people leave their experiences of moving companies. It is worth taking a look at these to find out which movers in Houston are recommended. Be wary of movers who quote very low prices or demand money before they begin work or ones who are unwilling to visit your home before moving day. Check that the website to the mover contains real contact information and that they respond to their emails and answer the phone when you call them. Their website should also provide information on insurance.

Last, but certainly not least, the recommendations of friends and neighbors can also be valuable for finding good movers in Houston. Even if they do not have movers they recommend, they may have suggestions of companies to avoid!

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