Make An Informed Decision About Hiring Movers

You may already be overwhelmed with the idea of your move to a new city on the horizon, but taking your moving checklist one item at a time can help alleviate your moving anxieties. The best place to begin is by deciding how you will move your belongings from your old home to your new home. Making a decision on a professional moving company can check this item off your list; however, you should consider certain factors to help you decide on hiring professional movers to assist you.

Most people facing a move will have to hire some form of movers, although many will decide to utilize self-service moving companies. With this type of company, you pay to rent a van or truck for a limited amount of time to transport your items. Typically, this type of company does not include professional movers in your order; all of the packing, transporting and unloading will be your responsibility. You will also likely be responsible for gas and mileage charges when you use a self-service moving company, which can boost your overall moving costs.

Additionally, while you can choose to add packing supplies to your order for a nominal fee, chances are that you will also be responsible for obtaining all the necessary supplies to safely pack your items before loading. Choosing a company that does not include movers can be a great solution if you are moving close by or if you do not have a great deal of items or furniture to move. However, if you weigh the cost versus the amount of benefits professional movers can provide, you might opt for a full-service moving company.

Employing a full-service moving company that includes movers can relieve much of the stress of moving. Should you decide to hire movers, you can customize your moving plan to control the level of service they can provide. While most movers will handle the loading, transport and unpacking of your boxes, you may also be able to hire movers who can help you with the actual packing of box contents. This can help ensure that your items will be properly packed to avoid damage during transport. Additionally, professional movers work in teams and are often experienced in unloading heavy or excessive items, so they can have your belongings unpacked quickly and efficiently at your new location, which can cut down on risk of injury.


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