Moving With No Job Lined Up? Help Prepare Yourself Early

If your spouse or significant other is facing a job relocation to a new city or state, chances are that you are about to leave your current job and accompany your loved one to his or her new location. Moving is often an intense, overwhelming situation to begin with, but you may have added anxieties about moving without a job lined up in your new city. There are numerous things you can do to help ensure job opportunities after moving, so that you will not add any extra stress to your situation.

One of the best things you can do before your move is to thoroughly research your new location. This can help you uncover important aspects of your new city, such as popular or growing industries, so you will have employment avenues to explore after moving. You can do this by performing a quick internet search for the city you will be moving to. Your search may also provide you with entertainment venues and popular forms of recreation in your new city, which you can research for backup employment options. You may even be able to line up new job opportunities by e-mailing companies to alert them that you are moving close to their location and including your resume for consideration. You may also want to ask your significant other if he or she can inquire about possible job opportunities you can fill at the new company you are relocating for. It may be a good idea to research networking opportunities or job contacts that exist in your new city. If you currently work for a company that has numerous locations throughout the state, ask your co-workers if they are aware of anyone you can contact close to your new city for references.

Since you will be allocating a substantial amount of funding for moving costs, there are things you should do to ensure financial stability before you complete your move. Ask your current employer if you are eligible to take a payout for unused sick or vacation time. You can add these funds to a savings account to help alleviate some financial burden after you move if you are unable to quickly find a new job. Before moving, you can also estimate some of your possible expenses, such as rent, food and utilities, and work on saving any extra money so you can be prepared for a worst-case scenario.


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