Five ways to make moving less stressful

Moving is typically regarded as one of the most stressful and difficult things that a family can ever do. Whether a family is planning on moving across their neighborhood or to another state, there are several things that can be done to make the experience a little easier on everyone. Although relatively simple, these suggestions could turn any moving experience from something to dread into something to look forward to.

Use a checklist. By using a moving checklist, anyone will be better able to keep track of things. Some people prefer to start their checklists out a full two months before the day of the move. Each day, one or two items can be checked off. This not only enables one to keep track of their preparation, but feel an sense of accomplishment as they see things getting done each day.

Pack smart. No one wants to unpack everything after their move only to discover that some of their most prized possessions were damaged en route. Anyone looking forward to moving should always keep a handy supply of boxes, bubble wrap, tape and wrapping paper, so that they can secure everything down.

Eat light. Many people cook full meals up until the day before moving. Kitchenware is often some of the bulkiest things in a home, and leaving them to the day before can lead to having to rush. To reduce this effect, one should pack up most of their kitchenware early, choosing instead to cook things during their last week that only require one pot or a microwave.

Sell it! Moving can be much simpler if one has to take less things with them. If one has a bunch of things that they have not needed in a few years, chances are they will not need them in their new home. Selling or donating some of ones old things can reduce clutter and make it much easier in the long run.

Rest up! Above all else, one should always make sure to get plenty of rest before moving day. Many people stay awake long into the night, worrying about what could go wrong. This can lead to fatigue and confusion, which can actually make things worse. A well rested individual will be able to tackle the challenges of moving much better than someone who has not had enough sleep.


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