What To Do Before Moving Into Your New Space

It is always exciting to move into a new place. But if the new digs are not exactly how you want them to be, it can make the entire moving experience more stressful and less enjoyable than it should be. Before you set foot into your new space, consider a few steps to take. It can truly make move-in day a fabulous one.

Maybe the carpets are not exactly up to par. If you did not decide with the home’s previous owners who would get them cleaned, do it yourself before moving in or hire someone to clean them for you. The cost is not that much … less than a few hundred dollars at the most … and you will be happy walking into your new place with freshly washed carpets. It will help you feel like you are starting over in your new space.

Did you notice a few windows that did not have screens in them, or a few interior walls that needed painting? If so, see if you can take a day or so before moving in to work on these projects and get them over with before anything has been moved into the place. It will free up the space to allow you to do what you need to get done, and you will not need to worry about messing up your possessions or covering them up if you are painting.

If you have a room plan layout of your new place, take some time to figure out where everything will go once you are ready for moving day. This will give your moving company enough time to pack up the truck accordingly, and it will save you some stress on moving day by not having to direct movers to each room of the house. They will have a map to guide them, and so will you.

Even if you need to save a few things for after moving day, you will at least have formulated a plan of attack and will have a to-do list in hand to get you started with projects. Some will be small and others will be more significant, but you at least can know where you are headed once you have moved in. Projects might be ongoing, but that is part of the fun of owning a home. Moving in is the first step, and enjoying living in it comes next.


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