To move or not to move? That is the question

Are you contemplating moving? If so, there are a few things that you want to seriuously consider before going through with it. Before moving, it is important to think about distance, cost, and motivation.

When pondering the idea of moving, distance is a key factor when making the final decision to stay or go. Are you just moving one block over? Across the country? Across the pond? Can you afford physically, mentally and emotionally to be away from your friends and family? Moving to a new place means that you will have to create a new life for yourself. Moving will force you to create new memories with new people. Now, I am not saying that you should forget the people you left behind. I just know that for certain individuals, it would be hard to leave behind the people they care the most about and start over.

Furthermore, you have to think about the cost of moving. Can you afford it? At this point, it is not only about the emotional costs. It is also about the financial costs of moving. Remember that will you have to pay to have your belongings shipped, unless you are driving yourself. Also, you will have to pay anyone who may be assisting you with moving. Then, as if the cost of moving was not enough, there is also the cost of living once you arrive to your new destination. Is the physical act of moving going to put you so far in the poor house, that you will not even be able to live once you get there? All I can say is, you better have a Plan B in place, in case your cash flow becomes non existant.

Lastly, what is the real motivation behind moving? For some, it could be a great paying job, a serious relationship. Or, it could simply be the desire to move somewhere and start over; la tabla rusa, if you will. Whatever the resoning is behind moving, it is imperative that you say to yourself, will it be worth it? Am I making the right decision? Unfortunately, the only person that can make that decision is you. Listen to and trust your gut. You will wind up making the best decision. I guarantee it.


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