Pods The Best thing to Happen to Movers

I recently moved across the country with my partner. I spent weeks researching long distance movers of all shapes and sizes. I read every moving company review I could find and in the end, I asked for estimates from about six different moving companies.

And then the clouds parted, the birds began chirping and down from the sky came the answer I had been searching for. I needed to rent a pod. Pods are the best thing to happen to movers. Ever. Be it for the price, ease, or convenience… Every road led me back to renting a pod.

Pods cost significantly less than traditional movers. In my case, pod rental cost me half, literally HALF, of the best full service mover pricing I could find.

They arranged a window for drop off and then they dropped the pods off at my house. We loaded them up, locked them and called for pick up. Then a week later the pods were dropped off in front of my new home across the country. When we were done unloading it, we called the office and the pods were picked up almost immediately.

I. Love. Pods.

I know what you are thinking. No, really. I do. You are thinking that you do not want to do all the loading of the pods yourself. You are afraid you might not pack them properly. Or maybe you are afraid you will hurt your back loading up all your heavy furniture. I feel your pain. I once shared those dark sided inhibitions. But fear not, my friends.

For all those reasons and more, we hired local movers for three hours to properly load our pods for us. It cost a couple of hundred additional dollars, our pods were packed professionally, and the price was still half, like I said, HALF, the cost of traditional long distance movers.

Pods. Check em out. You can thank me later.

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