Tips for a Better Move

In 2011, around 11 percent of the U.S. population moved either long distance or across town. Moving from one house to another can be a long, frustrating process, and long distance moving can be even worse. However, picking the right movers can make the process a lot easier.

Long distance movers will not only transport household items, they will assist in loading and unloading the pods the items will be stored in. This can be extremely helpful when trying to move that 200 pound couch up two flights of stairs. While hiring a moving company can be helpful, it can also be costly. A few helpful tips may be able to set a course for a more pleasant moving experience.

When first deciding to move it is best to determine what will be going on the move and what can be either sold, given away or trashed. This will save space in the pod as well as make the actual moving day go faster. Less stuff to move means less stuff to unpack.

After it is decided what will be going, it is time to pack. Make sure the boxes are stable, moderately sized and not too heavily packed. This will prevent injury.

Be sure to label the boxes based on which room each box contains items for and have them unloaded into their respective locations. This will ensure easier unpacking after the move. Keep in mind that the more organized things are during the move, the less frustrating it will be.

Once everything is unloaded unpack one room at a time, beginning with what will be used first or the most. This is typically the bedroom or bedrooms. Then keep unpacking each room in order of use.

It may also be beneficial to make a list of the items that will be making the move. That way it will be easier to keep track of everything and to know if anything has been lost or damaged. The list should be consulted once everything is unpacked.

By keeping things organized, moving can be a low stress task.


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