Convenient Storage Solutions

PODS, which stands for Portable On Demand Storage, are a storage solution for both local and long distance storage dilemmas. PODS allow you to store your belongings either in a PODS container right at your own home, or at a Secure Storage Center owned by the company.

If you are moving, PODS can help you as well. After delivering the container to your home, the company will send movers to remove the container. They can deliver it either to your new home, or to a storage facility where it can be kept as long as is necessary, until you want or need your belongings again. The long distance movers are experts who are experienced in driving PODS, and will ensure that your belongings are not damaged in transit. If you desire further protection, the company also offers a content protection program that customers can purchase. Another benefit of these storage units is that there are no deadlines or time limits. The storage unit will be delivered when you request, and will be picked up when you request as well. Most locations deliver and pick up a minimum of six days a week, with many delivering and picking up all seven days.

Storage containers are available in a variety of sizes, which you can choose according to your personal needs. There are seven foot, twelve foot, and sixteen foot storage units. These also correspond to room sizes, to make it easier to determine which size is best for you. A seven foot unit is equal to approximately one room, while a twelve foot unit is two to three rooms worth of space, and a sixteen foot unit is three to four rooms of space. If you cannot fill a seven foot container, the unit comes equipped with equipment to secure and tie down any belongings that are not secure inside the storage unit.


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