Why You Should Use Moving Pods

Moving can be a hassle. Finding the right long distance movers can always be a challenge, especially when you are on a budget. Typically, commercial movers can cost several thousands of dollars, and may or may not add value to your move. This is fine if you have many possessions and are willing to pay thousands in cash. There is a cheaper alternative to moving, though. Moving pods are a flexible alternative to commercial movers. Despite the do it yourself feel of these pods, moving pods are so efficient that they actually add value to a move.

So what are these pods? To understand what pods are, we should look at their larger cousins in the shipping industry, containers. Intermodal containers are 40 foot long steel boxes that store the vast majority of the goods traded overseas. These containers are commonly stacked on top of each other on extremely large ships. The beauty of these containers is that a crane at port can lift them and place them onto a waiting truck, train or other method of transportation. Containers can even go onto another ship or into a yard, and never be opened.

Pods have a very similar idea to them. While much smaller than containers, pods have a steel construction that can withstand even the most severe weather. They can securely pack your goods, and then get loaded onto a flatbed truck, towed by a car, or stored in a driveway or back yard. A few companies that supply pods even have dedicated storage facilities for them.

Of course, pods are not as luxurious as full service moving companies. This form of moving requires work, and is not for the lazy who are flush with cash. Then again, pods are best for the budget mover who wants cheap moving. Ultimately, these pods even add value to a move.

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