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Moving can be an extremely stressful endeavor. Whether you are moving from one coast to another, or just down the road, movers usually find themselves stressed out by the end of the ordeal. Making sure that all of your belongings have been accounted for, packing up your entire life, and physically straining yourself to lift heavy items into trucks are just a few of the woes of moving.

There are plenty of great moving tips ideas to help make the process a little or a lot easier, depending on your budget. There are plenty of cheap moving tips out there which require no extra funds. All these moving tips ideas call for is a little bit of planning and resourcefulness.

The first cheap moving tip that comes to mind is making an inventory checklist. My mother, a sort of modern day gypsy taught me this trick when I was young. You will want to first, make a list of everything you plan to take with you on your move. Next, as you are loading things onto the moving truck, check them off.

This way you will be 100% positive that everything you intend to bring has been taken care of. Follow this and my other moving tips ideas and you will not be backtracking come moving day to retrieve any forgotten items!

The next of my moving tips ideas is for those with a little more liberal budget. It seems obvious, but hire a decent moving company. The companies that I prefer to hire to help me move offer moving pods services, in which they will drop off a storage unit to the house, you can load it up at your leisure, and they will take it away (either to be put in storage, or to your new home).

Pods moving is usually the most beneficial for long distance movers, but if you would just like the luxury of moving at your own pace, it may be a fine option for you. Also, if you do choose to hire a moving company, the last of my moving tips ideas is specifically for you…

Carry all valuable items with you, on your person. The word “valuable” should be interpreted however you see fit. This could be financially valuable, or sentimentally valuable. Either way, do not risk any accidents on the behalf of anyone else with such items. Some of the more commonly personally kept items include cash, jewelry, family photo albums and bank statements.

Happy moving! I hope that my moving tips ideas have been of some assistance. If you have any other moving tips ideas to share, please post them in a comment below.


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