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Moving is no small decision. You have to worry about finding the right neighborhood, a home you can afford, and the right movers. Whether you are relocating for work or simply finding a place to settle down for good, it helps to be prepared.

There are plenty of great moving tips and checklists out there, and the more you become familiar with, the smoother this whole process will go. One thing that will make moving day is to pack the essentials in an overnight bag. This will eliminate the need to fish through all your stuff after a tiring day of moving. It also helps to identify the items you will need first, such as box cutters, select cookware, trash bags, eating utensils, and phone chargers and put them in a clear plastic bin. This makes it easy to differentiate them from the rest of your stuff so you can access them fast. Finally, you can save money on packing materials like bubble wrap while saving space by wrapping your dishes and glassware in your clothing. T shirts and socks offer great padding and protect from scratches.

It is important to find the best movers for the job as well. There are tons of moving companies out there, so to choose the right one, you should take into account not only their rates, but customer feedback as well. There are reviews online for everything these days, and they offer you the most honest accounts of real user experiences you will find.

The more moving tips and checklists you take to heart before going through with a move, the better off you will be. Keep in mind the priorities of saving space and money while not sacrificing great customer service. You will thank yourself when all is said and done.

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