Energy Saving Tips From Your Furnace Repair Service

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Now that summer”s nearly here, it’s time for a quick inspection of home air conditioning systems, to make sure that they’re working right. If any repairs are needed, the company that provides your furnace repair service will be able to do those as well. In fact heating and cooling systems use the same system of ducts and ventilation. HVAC systems simplify the process of heating and cooling homes, but they need regular maintenance to function efficiently over their entire lifetime.

HVAC systems have been around for over a century
HVAC systems have a long history, going back to 1903. That was when the New York Stock Exchange building became one of the first buildings with an air conditioning system. The comfortable ambience created by air conditioning soon made it very popular and by 1936, it was being installed in Packard automobiles. Other car manufacturers followed, and by the 1950s, the HVAC industry took off.
At the present time, the HVAC industry in the U.S. employs around 301,123 people and is worth around $71 billion and is still growing.. Between 2009 and 2914, it grew at a rate of around 4.1% each year. HVAC systems have become more efficient over time, and furnace repair services are becoming to go-to people when help is needed to make a home more energy efficient.

HVAC maintenance can improve energy efficiency
With proper maintenance, heating and cooling units can last for 12 to 15 years. They should be inspected once or twice a year by a professional heating and cooling service, and the ducts should be cleaned at least once a year. The filters too should be changed once every three months. These simple steps can save expensive damages and repairs.
If any heating and cooling repairs are needed, your neighborhood furnace repair services should be able to tackle them. Keeping your heating and cooling system in good repair can also help to reduce your energy usage costs.

Energy saving tips from your furnace repair service
As consumers are more and more interested in lowering energy costs and making their homes more energy efficient and eco-friendly, the knowledge and experience of the local furnace repair services can be very helpful. Just keeping your HVAC system running efficiently will reduce energy usage to a minimum. People are aware that adding insulation will reduce both heating and cooling costs . Surprisingly, so will ventilation.
Having the air circulating through the whole house with fans of different kinds, including ceiling fans, box fans and whole house fans, can cool the place done quicker and take some of the strain off the air conditioning. In fact, ventilating your attic properly will reduce energy costs due to HVAC usage by 10-12%.
People often close off heat registers to keep from wasting energy to heat rooms that are not in use. However, to avoid stressing your HVAC system, you should never cover more than one fifth or 20% of the heat registers. This allows the air to continue circulating.

Your local furnace repair service can help you keep your heating and cooling system in efficient condition, reducing energy use and helping the environment at the same time.

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