Find Out How Bathtub Reglazing Can Restore Your Chipped, Cracked Tub

Bathtub refinishers

Your bathtub is your refuge, an oasis of peace and calm to which you can retreat when everyday stresses get to be too much. With bath salts, candles, a book and a glass of wine, you can renew and refresh your energies. However, over time bathtubs develop cracks and chips, which become a home for germs and mildew. Ugh! However, there’s hope that your personal paradise can be rescued. Bathtub refinishing and re-enameling can make the surface better than new. Refinished surfaces are easier to clean, and refinishing costs way less than getting and installing a new bathtub.

What is tub refinishing?
Tub resurfacing makes the enamel easier to clean, and gives your bathtub a new lease on life. Over time, the use of harsh chemical cleaners takes its toll, and wears out the enamel surface of your bathtub. Once the enamel is worn, it can crack or chip, producing a breeding ground for germs. Not a situation you want to see in your house!
Tub reglazing refreshes the worn, damaged surface of your bathtub to a condition like new. Refinished bath tubs can last for up to ten years, and they can be easier to keep clean than the original surface. And it’s much cheaper than the cost of buying and installing a new tub.

How does it work?
The whole process takes only about 3 or 4 hours and the refinished surface will dry in 24 hours. Tile and rub professionals use Bondo or a similar polyester putty to repair cracks and chips. Bathroom shower enclosures and other fixtures are built to last for 50 years or more. Bathtub refinishing keeps baths and showers in good condition through for the entire time. Refinished surfaces are also easier to keep clean.

How will it look?
Bathtub refinishing can remove cracks or blemishes in the old coating, making it smooth and clean again. Or it can add a completely new coating. This is also an opportunity to give your bathtub a new color. Sure the ’70s were an exciting time, but that doesn’t mean you want to live with the decor. A bathtub refinishing job gives you a chance to get rid of that acid green or neon orange in your bathroom and replace it with something more restful.
In fact, getting your bathtub reglazed is your chance to upgrade and change your bathroom. You can pick the colors you want to go with your overall home decor.

As well as bathtub refinishing, tile and tub professionals can clean and repair chipped and cracked ceramic tiles, clean or redo grout, and restore your bathroom to its pristine condition overall. A bathtub refinishing is an opportunity to redecorate your bathroom, so that it can be a restful, comforting, and above all, clean retreat again.


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