Four Tips for Completing Your Project With Rented Equipment

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Companies who specialize in equipment rentals offer a good solution to the public. If you like to do your own home projects, or have a construction-related business that needs specific equipment, but not often enough to warrant buying it, renting enables you to get the job done without requiring you to make a huge purchase.

For example, if you have an unusual job that requires ladder scaffolding, using scaffolding rentals rather than purchasing your own scaffolding can save you a huge amount of cash. Scaffolding rentals are inexpensive, especially in comparison to the price tag to purchase. Additionally, scaffolding is an obscure type of equipment that you most likely don’t have on hand, and most likely don’t need to have on hand. Using scaffolding rentals rather than purchasing your own is the perfect solution.

In order to ensure your project goes seamlessly, check out our list of things to consider before using service that provides scaffolding rentals — or any other equipment rentals.

  1. Safety

    Making sure you are properly equipped to use your rental tools safely should be your utmost priority. Heavy duty equipment can be extremely dangerous if used improperly, even life threatening. A good equipment rental company will offer task training on all of their tools and equipment to ensure you are prepared to use them safely. Bonus points if they offer accessories to use the equipment safely (such as gloves, hard hats, masks, and glasses).

  2. Insurance

    The equipment and tools you are using are not cheap. If they were cheap, you wouldn’t need to rent them. Before you take your rental equipment home, you will have to make a deposit in case any damage is incurred while they are in your stead. In some cases, the rental company might retain a credit card number in case you don’t bring a working tool back. For extremely large equipment, it might be a good idea to obtain insurance on it to protect yourself in case an unforeseen incident occurs that prevents you from being able to return the tool in good working order. Some rental services offer this, and some don’t, this is something to check on before putting your hard earned money on the line.

  3. Pricing model

    Obviously, the very reason you are renting your tools and equipment rather than purchasing it is because the price tag matters. The prices that rental companies charge for their services vary widely from one company to the next. In order to get the best rate, make sure you check with at least three companies who rent out the equipment in question.

    When you get price estimates, ask about any additional fees you might be subject to. Some companies offer shockingly low prices, but make up for it by adding in fees and surcharges. To make sure you are making an apples-to-apples price comparison, make sure you are factoring in these expenses. Get the estimate in writing before taking home any rental equipment.

  4. Reputation

    Using unreliable equipment can ruin the project and add considerable expense and aggravation along the way. There are hundreds of things that could go wrong throughout the process of a construction project, the last thing you need is for something to go wrong with the equipment you are renting. Although sometimes issues are unavoidable, by using an equipment rental service that has an established reputation for providing reliable equipment and ethical business practices, you are reducing your risk of problems arising along the way.

    A good way to determine the reputation of an equipment rental company is by asking for referrals for people you trust who work in the industry. If the word-of-mouth connection is unavailable to you, researching online reviews is your next best resource. You might not be able to find a company who has zero negative reviews (because some people are impossible to please), but if the majority of the feedback about an equipment rental business is negative or positive, it’s a good indication of the service you’ll get.

Do you have any other tips for finding a reliable and cost-effective equipment rental service? Please share below!

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