Staying Cool this Summer with High Efficiency Air Conditioning

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When it gets to be unbearably hot or painfully cold, the first thing on our minds is how to find immediate refuge from the discomfort. Fortunately, for the two-thirds of American homeowners who have an air conditioning unit and heating services, relief can be found quickly and easily.

As the technology advances of these heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services and systems (or HVAC services and systems, for short), they become less expensive, more efficient, and safer. As a result, the number of Americans who have some sort of HVAC unit is rising.

Saving Energy, Earth, and Money

These days a lot of people are doing their part to help out the environment. A lot of people are also struggling financially. As it turns out, saving the globe goes hand in hand with saving money. Most modern HVAC units are very energy efficient, meaning you can get more out of them for less work. High efficiency air conditioners, for instance, can reduce a home’s energy use by 20-50% relative to older, standard air conditioning units.

The less energy used, the fewer emissions released into our atmosphere, meaning a lower impact on climate change. So not only does investing in a high efficiency HVAC system benefit your wallet, it helps out Mother Earth as well.

Still, while more and more people are experiencing the comfort of having their own HVAC system, proper installation and construction work is required beforehand.

Construction and Installation of HVAC Units

For existing homes, there’s typically not a whole lot of construction required to install a new HVAC unit, especially if there was an old pre-existing unit there before. Air conditioning units are placed outside the home and need to be on solid, level ground. Some construction may need to be done in order to level the surface on which the unit will rest, depending on where one wants to place their unit. The AC unit can even be leveled with a strong slab of plastic. Knowledgable and trained HVAC contractors will find the best location for the system and how to keep it nice and straight.

Another reason to hire a contractor (especially when dealing with AC units), is that you need certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to deal with refrigerant. Installation of a new HVAC unit involves electrical and duct work. Again, if a home has never had central air before, the installation process will take longer and cost more, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Now that summer is approaching (and it’s looking to be another hot one this year), it’s time to start seriously considering having a proper high efficiency air conditioning unit installed. And if you live in a climate that gets frigid in the winter months, adding a heating system is always a good (if not necessary) choice. Luckily, it’s easier and safer than ever to have your very own HVAC unit and reside comfortably in the walls of your home, no matter the season or weather! Stay cool.

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