When Did You Clean Your Roof Last? Maybe It’s Due

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Most homeowners do not spend a lot of time thinking about their gutters but they should. The number one cause of basement water problems is clogged gutters. That may seem counterintuitive but it really is not. Roof water can overflow if the gutters are clogged. It will then accumulate around the foundation where it can now leak into the basement. When homeowners do their roof cleaning, as all should do on a regular basis, doing at least some gutter cleaning is important. That is not the only reason to put roof cleaning on your “to do” list if you own a home.

The Reasons It Roof Cleaning Is Important:

  • You limit the amount of mold. Over the past ten years, mold related claims have gone up by about 1,100, according to Farmers Insurance. The problem with this is that mold causes at least 93% of all chronic sinus infections, according to the Mayo Clinic. When roof cleaning is not on your list of things to do, it builds up on your roof. When you do not pay attention to your gutters, you get both water and mold in your basement. Pressure washing is the best way to get rid of any mold or fungi that you have on your roof.
  • It extends the life of your roof. The mold and other similar organisms that grow on your roof damage it. Also when you are on your roof for a cleaning, you can see what other problems you have. Small problems will only grow to be larger ones and shorten your roof’s lifespan. If you have a shingle and asphalt roof, this will give you a chance to look over the shingles and see if you are missing a few or a lot.
  • You will see any problems with the gutters. Your gutters may become the bane of your existence as a homeowner. You need them to direct water away from the foundation of your home. No roof cleaning job is complete without addressing the status of your gutters. You should check your downspouts as well. You should make sure they direct water e minimum of 1.8 meters from your home. This is really important to keeping your foundation as dry as you can. If you do not want to clean your gutters yourself, you can have a gutter company come and handle that job for you. Regular gutter cleaning may prevent you from needing a gutter repair service.
  • Roof cleaning helps the value of your home. You may not think that people who look at your home notice your roof but they do. At least 40% of what people look at when they look at your home is your roof. Having a pressure washing company take care of your roof cleaning project will keep your home looking great. If you are trying to sell your home, this is truly a “must do” job. If you are not selling your home, it is still a good idea to keep your home looking as good as possible. Your neighbors will appreciate the effort you put into your roof. It helps keep everyone’s property values up. Remember, your home’s appearance impacts the entire neighborhood. And it is always nice to have a home that looks great.

You should bring in a professional from time to time to deal with your roof cleaning needs. It is a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning it yourself on a regular basis but there are things a professional roof cleaner can do that you simply cannot. Power washing the roof is truly the best way to get rid of the algae, fungi and mold that will be on your roof. This is especially true if you have any kind of shingles, which gives these organisms a good place to attach and hide.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects your family from the elements and bad weather. Your gutters are incredibly important for your roof maintenance. Keeping your roof clean from mold and mildew is important. These are also easy things to deal with if you do that regularly and do not wait to have problems.



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