The Top 3 Reasons to Consider Terrazzo Floor Restoration for Any Home Renovation Project

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People are often told not to sweat the small stuff, and for good reason too. It’s important not to sweat the small stuff like a rude or inconsiderate driver cutting you off in traffic or another person’s poor opinion of you. While it’s perfectly understandable that these events can be stressful or at the very least irritating, sweating them does little to no good aside from adding to the problem. On the other hand, people are also cautioned to remember that the devil lies in the details, or as many people would say, the small stuff! And although the details are small, they can still have a big impact on the overall big picture.

The devil lurking in the details or the small stuff is especially true when it comes to home remodeling and renovation projects. Whether you’re tackling them on your own with the latest do it yourself hack from the internet or hiring a professional general contractor or licensed home improvement professional, paying attention to the details is an important part of ensuring the process goes smoothly as well as ensuring the final look is what you actually wanted. Often times, the details get lost, muddied, or overshadowed by larger, bigger ticket items such as appliances, paint colors, and furniture choices.

But one of the most important choices you can make during any home improvement project is when it comes to flooring. Whether it’s carpeting, wood flooring, tile floor restoration, pergo flooring, or terrazzo floor restoration, your choice in flooring will have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of the space, otherwise known as its aesthetics. As such, it’s kind of important to sweat the small stuff when it comes to flooring options and making them priority when it comes to planning and carrying out home remodeling projects.

Choosing a flooring option doesn’t always have to be about purchasing a new kind of flooring and doing a complete overhaul. More often than not, the existing flooring can be restored to like new condition. A great and extremely popular examples of this is terrazzo floor restoration, a process which breathes new life into existing terrazzo flooring. This is a great option for projects where the budget needs to be kept within a certain amount, as restoration is almost always more affordable than replacing all together.

Terrazzo flooring is a unique and versatile flooring option that’s made out of pieces of stone set in cement. And although some people may consider the look and feel of terrazzo flooring to be outdated, this is far from the truth. The versatility of terrazzo flooring is now being appreciated and recognized for what it is all over again, so it’s making a huge comeback! As such, you may want to strongly consider terrazzo floor restoration for your next home remodeling or renovation project, if you already have terrazzo floors.

Take a look at these reasons why terrazzo floor restoration is worth it!

Terrazzo flooring is very durable

Because it’s made out of stone and cement, one of the greatest advantages of terrazzo flooring is its inherent durability! Its density makes it perfect for high traffic areas of the home, such as hallways, kitchens, mudrooms, and laundry rooms. When regularly maintained, terrazzo flooring can last for life!

Terrazzo cleaning is easy to maintain

Another great perk of keeping and restoring your terrazzo flooring is that it’s extremely easy to care for and maintain. All you have to do is sweep the floor on a regular basis in order to remove dust and debris, which can act as abrasives. In the event the floor is a bit dirtier than that, all that’s required to clean it is gentle solution soap and water. Never use abrasive cleaners! You can do terrazzo restoration and polishing with ingredients you already have around your house.

Terrazzo is environmentally responsible and sustainable

One important reason to consider terrazzo floor restoration is that it’s environmentally friendly! Because it’s made out of all natural ingredients such as marble, stone, and sand, it doesn’t harm the environment at all. Furthermore, it can even be recycled!

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