Weird Plumbing Problems and What They Might Mean

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How can you tell the difference between easy DIY plumbing repairs and when you need to call in emergency plumbing services? Some fixes you can make yourself, while some are better left to the pros. Look for these small signs of potential plumbing problems to get a jump start on fixes before they get out of hand.

  • Noisy Pipes

    You know when pipes make that reverberating sound like they’re going to ricochet off the walls? That could be one of two things. One is that your water pressure is too high and you need to address your water hammer. Too much pressure could lead to a crack in a pipe; even a small three millimeter crack can drain 250 gallons of water per day.
    The other reason is also pressure related, but concerns pressure valves and the cavitation. You might need to replace the entire valve or just an old washer.
  • Gurgling Toilet

    As much as 30% of our regular indoor water use goes to running the toilet, and if yours is faulty, it could lead to higher water bills. If it’s running and making funny noises, check a few things: the valves, the gasket, the ballcock, and the cistern. If it’s not running, that could be a sign of larger plumbing problems. Call in the professionals to inspect for a blocked up sewage system.
  • Taps and Squeaks

    A squealing faucet when you turn on the water is sign for a new washer or just simple lubrication of the materials already in there. Some self-maintenance by greasing up your taps and pipes every once in a while can extend their life and make for longer time between major repairs.

If you have other weird plumbing problems and you’re not sure what to make of them, it never hurts to call in a plumbing service for a little bit of a check-up. If there’s one thing you don’t want to mess with and screw up in your home, it’s the plumbing. Avoid the mess, the hassle, and the expense by getting a professional expert on the job sooner rather than later.

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