I’m Throwing A Party How Can I Save Money?

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Where do you go to find the best equipment for a barbecue or high school reunion? If you’re interested in saving money without sacrificing quality, you’ll want to check out an equipment rental store. These businesses are a veritable repository of everything you could need to throw the perfect event, from furniture to decoration, and will save you both time and money as you design and schedule your way to the event of the year. Not everybody is well-versed in the art of using this resource, however, which is why it’s necessary to do a little research beforehand. Take a look below to learn more about renting equipment and why it’s becoming the go-to option no matter the party in question.

Parties And Events

Everyone is always looking forward to their weekend or next big holiday. After a long work week or crunch period, there’s nothing better than getting together with friends over good food. Studies have shown around 65% will accept invites to large parties or outdoor events. When it comes to more specific celebrations, over 35% of weddings are outdoor affairs, usually requiring tents, tables and chair rentals to pad out the decorations. When rental chairs can cost as low as $2 apiece to rent, you know you’re onto something good.

Renting And Buying

Buying has quickly fallen out of fashion in light of increased awareness toward cost-saving measures. The past few years have seen an estimated 51% of new construction equipment making its way toward parking lots, with rental revenue overall growing at more than triple the rate of the general economy. In fact, according to studies conducted by the ARA Rental Market Monitor, the total investment in the western rental market was projected to reach $12 billion by the year 2014. The following year increased by an impressive $14 billion, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

Common Do’s

There’s no reason to spend excess money on an already expensive event — you’ve got plenty to worry about already! A good event, be it a birthday party or a baby shower, requires careful planning and smart budgeting to go off without a hitch. Make sure everyone gets easy-to-follow directions and party times. When creating a good spread, checking for allergies and designated drivers for alcohol will avoid accidents from happening. If you’re looking for the best equipment in the construction industry, remember that it can be rented for any length of time — this can be as short as a day to as long as a year.

Common Don’ts

If you’re throwing an outdoor party, it’s essential you seek out some tent rentals — the last thing you want is bad weather crashing all your hard work. Rental tents will keep any rain or wind at bay, while sheets and chair covers can be used to protect your furniture from spills. Got kids? Make sure you keep them occupied! A standard bouncy castle only takes around 20 minutes to set up and can hold up to 12 children at a time (provided it’s at a minimum of 15×15 feet).

Using The Best Equipment Rentals

Now for a little review. Outdoor party rentals are perfect if you’re not exactly sure how the weather is going to turn or simply want to have some flexibility in your design options. Bouncy castles are the perfect option for birthday parties and get-togethers alike, giving kids something fun to do while the adults catch up and chat. If you’re not sure whether to rent construction equipment, a common source of wisdom is that any equipment that isn’t used 70% of the time should be rented. Now that you’ve done a little homework, you’re all set to crafting the party of the year with the best equipment rentals.

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