After the Storm The Effects of Hail on Your Roof, Siding, and Windows

Roof in need of replacement

Some parts of the U.S. are hit by hailstorms six or more times a year, leaving destruction and serious damage. Hailstones can be as big as a penny, reaching .75 inches in diameter, and are large enough to cause severe storm damage to homes, vehicles, and property.

After a hailstorm, you might think that because you don?t see any signs of damage, your home or property are perfectly fine. This may not be the case. Storm damage can be difficult to identify and may worsen as time goes by. If you think your home may have suffered some degree of damage after a storm, check for the following signs.

Roof Damage

Roofs generally receive the worst of the damage. Damaged shingle roofs can allow water to leak into the home, causing additional damage to the support structure, interior walls, and ceiling. On an asphalt roof, hail damage manifests in dark spots where the granules have been knocked off. You may also notice missing shingles, holes, or cracking, which can result in serious water damage leading to mold and wood rot. You may also experience issues with your soffit and trim work.

Siding Damage

If you have vinyl siding, you may notice splits or cracks about mid-way between the valley and ridges of the panel. Severe hailstorms could cause chipping around bottom of a siding panel or even entire holes punched into the siding by large hailstones and other debris. Broken siding is a serious problem because it is no longer protecting your home as it was designed to do. As such, it is important to get siding repair done as soon as possible after a storm.

Window Damage

Though it can be extremely inconvenient to repair, window damage caused by hail is usually easier to identify than siding damage. Hail can break the glass or damage the seals around the windows. You can prevent window damage in anticipation of a hail storm by investing in storm windows or shutters, window film, or high impact glass.

Roof, siding, and window damage are not always the easiest fixes. If your home has suffered damage from a hailstorm, it is best to hire a licensed contractor to inspect and make any necessary repairs.

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