When Was the Last Time That You Tested the Water Quality in Your Home?

Kitchen sink chip repair

California ranchers are growing their animal feed indoor in an attempt to deal with water shortages.
New Jersey beach swimmers are warned about elevated bacteria counts in the ocean.
A review of how water was tested in New York City Schools indicates that lead levels may be worse than what was reported in July.
More than 1,000 Indiana residents find themselves looking for new homes after studies show that the land around their homes is toxic, including unsafe levels of lead.
At the same time that the federal state of emergency in Flint, Michigan, expired on August 14, a number of other U.S. locations were dealing with their own water problems. And while the government attempts to ensure Flint residents that even thought he state of emergency has been lifted the city continues to navigate a public health crisis that was caused by lead-laced water. The need for free bottled water, filters, and cartridges, in fact, has not disappeared even though the state of emergency has expired. And while the same residents who have been mislead in the past try to trust that someone is looking out for their best interest, these residents are asked to trust that the free drinking water will still be available even though the emergency designation has been lifted.
Finding Safe Drinking Water Is No Longer Just a Problem in Third World Countries
When news stories of the past talked about the lack of safe drinking water, Americans were often used to thinking that those were conditions in other parts of the world. Now, however, that the continued stories about dangerous lead levels posing a threat refer to children in America, more and more citizens are looking for ways to take control of the safety of their own water sources. Contracting with private water treatment services is a major step that many families take to protect themselves.
And while homeowners across California face stiff penalties and fines for unexplained excessive amounts of water usage, many builders and contractors are kept increasingly busy trying to limit water waste in both residential and commercial buildings. Water treatment services can not only test for the quality of the drinking water in any given location, they can also suggest home plumbing repairs that can eliminate waste.
did you know, for instance, that by upgrading to a low flush toilet you can save you up to 18,000 gallons of water every single year? The fact that 10% of homes have leaks that waste as many as 90 gallons of water a day means that fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners an additional 10% on their water bills. And while many of these repairs that can help homeowners eliminate leaks and avoid fines in places that have posted water shortages, these repairs still often are best completed by someone with a master plumber license.
From kitchen sink faucet repair to installing tankless water heaters, most plumbing jobs will only pass inspection if they are completed by a master plumber. And while some residents may be tempted to rely on home water quality reports, licensed technicians who administer water treatment services can provide more reliable information.
Bathroom Remodeling Projects Are a Perfect Time to Make Water Efficient Choices
According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, bathroom remodeling projects are the most requested home improvement bids in America. In fact, they account for as many as 78% of all renovations. Upgrading bathrooms can be expensive, but these upgrades are also a perfect time to make use of the services of water treatment services to check on quality issues, as well as a time to purchase more water efficient faucets and toilets.
Any time, in fact, that a homeowner has to replace faucets or replace sinks, the choices range in cost from putting in standard pieces to spending more money for an energy efficient model. Anticipating future plumbing problems and installing the highest quality materials can not only safe you money in the long run, they can also create safer water quality for your family. Selecting water faucets with built in purifiers, for instance, can give your family the piece of mind that the water they are drinking is both clean and safe.

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