The Best Way to Clean Terrazzo Flooring

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Remodeling a room in the house can be exciting and provide you with a sense of newness. When you walk into that newly remodeled room, you will feel that sense of excitement all over again. Everything is so new, the flooring, the wall paint, potentially the appliances, the decorations. It will be a while until you become used to the feel of the room and the newness wears off. However, it can be less than thrilling when it comes times to clean those new items. You want them to keep their clean, new look for as long as possible, and this means proper cleaning.

The type of cleaning that is needed will depend on the specific area. For example, all floor cleaning is not the same. The specific materials used, including the cleaners, buffers, and polishers will vary, depending on what type of material you chose for your flooring. During 2011, some two thirds of homeowner floor covering replacement jobs utilized hard surface materials (such as wood or natural stone). Both wood and stone need to be mopped, but wood surfaces should be cleaned with a special cleaner that is made for wood.

A small percentage of people still prefer carpeting throughout their entire homes. Carpet cleaning is simpler when it comes to cleaning. A thorough vacuum is needed often. Professional carpet cleaning services should also be done every couple of months to remove any debris and contaminants that are deep into the carpet. Homeowners can also freshen up their carpets with carpet deodorizers and fragrances. Recent investigations show that carpet cleaning reduces the amount of mite allergen in carpet by more than 90% with each carpet cleaning.

Other floor materials, such as travertine and terrazzo look nicer than other options, but often require more extensive of cleaning routine. The best way to clean terrazzo floors is to have it professionally done. The terrazzo cleaning can damage the stone in the flooring. Also, too rough of terrazzo polishing or cleaning can crack or chip the floors. Travertine floor restoration services can replace cracked or chipped parts of the flooring, but it can get very expensive. You also do not want to have to replace parts of your flooring of your brand new room.

If a homeowner insists on cleaning their terrazzo and travertine flooring, they need to take great care and learn the best way to clean terrazzo floors. When it comes to cleaning grout, for example, stay away from harsh chemicals, a mixture of approximately one third white vinegar to two thirds water is best for everyday cleaning, or simply call in a professional. The best way to clean terrazzo floors will always be to use a professional, but minor cleaning with water and vinegar is acceptable.

Most travertine and terrazzo flooring does not need regular cleaning. Considering that the best way to clean terrazzo floors is to use the services of a professional, a homeowner may be worried about how often they would have to use these services. Minor debris and spilled items should quickly be wiped up with water and a small amount of vinegar. However, professional tile cleaning services can be scheduled as little as once every other month. You will find a schedule that works best for you.

However, tile restoration services should be immediately called. A broken or chipped piece of travertine or terrazzo flooring can affect the rest of the pieces. Each of the pieces are tightly placed together to support each other piece. If one piece is loose, it can affect the structure of the other pieces, causing a bigger problem with the tiles. Additionally, a chipped or cracked floor tile can be a danger hazard, causing problems if someone were trip or step into it.

Homeowners get a sense of accomplishment and happiness when walking into a newly remodeled room. Everything feels so new and it can be exciting. That is, until it is time to clean the new items. You have probably not yet established a cleaning routine and are unsure about proper cleaning habits for your new flooring materials. It is always best to use a professional for professional cleaning services, but minor cleaning can be done with water.

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